Sequel or Series?

Sequel or Series? by CK Van Dam

After I published my first novel, Proving Her Claim, friends and readers asked me about a Sequel.

I was dumbfounded. I didn’t have a plan to write a second book. And then I did.

But I didn’t write a Sequel: a “what happened next” book with the same characters. I was still working through what happened next to Anna and Two Hawks.

Instead, I wrote a story with new characters: Katie and Jake. So, I’m writing a Series.

A Series is a collection of books, all set in the same world (sometimes with the same characters), but where each book can stand alone. These books can be read in any order, with little confusion or back story needed. Mysteries are a good example of a series with the same main character but different villains in each book.

Author’s note: The “On the Dakota Frontier” series is competing in the 2023 Chanticleer Book Awards for Genre Fiction. 

The “On the Dakota Frontier” series continues with a third story about women homesteaders in Dakota Territory. If the stars align, this book will be published sometime this spring or summer. Watch for more to come on the third book.