Questions from readers

Readers ask great questions and have insights about the books I didn’t even consider. Here are a few:

Authors talking to authors

Wild Deadwood Reads is a book fair on steroids. Nearly 100 authors and hundreds of readers got together to shop for books and talk about books.

Inspiration: Land of the Burnt Thigh

Medicine Creek Claim is about two sisters who staked claims in Dakota Territory – much like Edith and Ida Mary Ammons. The Ammons sisters came to South Dakota in 1907, homesteading near the Lower Brule Indian Reservation. I

Godey’s Lady’s Book: Fashion Bible

Medicine Creek Claim includes several mentions of Godey’s Lady’s Book, but I also referenced this 19th-century “fashion bible” for my earlier books.

Godey’s is a treasure trove for historical fiction authors.

Forces of Nature

How Forces of Nature Challenged Historical Homesteaders

From floods and fires to tornados and blizzards, pioneers were constantly watching – and battling – the weather.

Support your local library

Support Your Local Library by CK Van Dam

Libraries are more than a place to check out a book or access free internet service. Libraries have expanded their services to meet the needs of today’s audiences.

Book Event Season is here

Book Event Season is here by CK Van Dam

We’re moving into “Book Event Season,” when authors meet with readers at book fairs and speaking events. You can find me at the following events.