Questions from readers

Readers ask great questions and have insights about the books I didn’t even consider. Here are a few:

Book Event Season is here

Book Event Season is here by CK Van Dam

We’re moving into “Book Event Season,” when authors meet with readers at book fairs and speaking events. You can find me at the following events.

For the love of herding dogs

For the love of herding dogs by CK Van Dam

All three of my novels include pets as part of the story. There’s Sunny in Proving Her Claim and Maddie in Lone Tree Claim. I had intended to switch it up in the third book and put a cat into the story. And I did.

Sequel or Series?

Sequel or Series? by CK Van Dam

I didn’t t write a Sequel: a “what happened next” book with the same characters. Instead, I wrote a story with new characters: Katie and Jake. So, I’m writing a Series.

Top Ten Books for 2023

Top Ten Books for 2023 by CK Van Dam

It’s the time of year when Top Ten Lists start popping up, so I decided to look through my GoodReads list for 2023 and see which books I rated the highest. Interestingly, my list contained a good mix of fiction and non-fiction books

Acronyms for authors

Acronyms for authors by CK Van Dam

Every industry has jargon and acronyms. The writing and publishing industry is no different. Even after publishing two books, I still find myself Googling some of these codewords.

Literature connects us

Literature connects us by CK Van Dam

The Outlander series describes a period of time that is foreign to most of us. It’s the literature that connects us to the events of that time.