The path to publishing

When I began this project I really didn’t give much thought to the whole “publishing a book” part of the path to publishing.

Boy, did I have a lot to learn!

Since starting down this road, I’ve read countless (really, I stopped counting) “how to” articles. I’ve attended even more webinars on everything from “do you need an editor?” (yes) to “how to find beta readers” — and so much more.

I learned that I needed to find an editor to review the manuscript, recommend style changes, ideas for additional content, copy clarification…I could go on. She was great! With that completed, I hired a proofreader to check for grammar, punctuation, word usage, etc. Not so great. Thankfully my Beta Readers were a good back up for this part of the journey.

But what’s the most important element in book sales? The book cover design. People do judge a book by its cover. I am lucky that my friend and former partner at Insight offered to create a cover for me. It’s gorgeous!

And, since I’m not a name-brand author, the chances of one of the Big Five publishing houses signing me were slim to none. That meant I needed to find another path. That path was self-publishing. After vetting several experts in the field, I selected an organization to help me navigate a book launch via Amazon. (Amazon, by the way, accounts for about 90 percent of all self-published book sales.)

That brings me to today. I am so proud to announce that Proving Her Claim is now available on Amazon! (Yes, I know I buried the lead.)