Conversation with readers

Part of publishing a book is going out and talking about the book — having conversations with readers. That’s where I am in my “publishing journey” as I refer to it.

I must confess that I prefer to write words on paper than speak words to groups of people. So, I ask the audience if we can have a conversation about the book and my path to publishing it. A conversation with readers instead of a presentation to audiences.

This was a busy week of conversations.

On Monday I was invited to talk about Proving Her Claim at the South Dakota Ag Heritage Museum. It was a good turnout — especially for a Monday night in January. The audience members asked good questions and seemed to enjoy the 45-minute talk. Afterwards, I signed books and chatted with readers about my heroine, Anna Olson. One woman even showed me a vintage photo of her grandparents who had homesteaded in Dakota Territory. That was awesome!

Nobels County Public Library
Wednesday, Jan 25, 2023 at the Nobles County Public Library

Wednesday night I was honored to talk with a group of patrons at the Nobles County Public Library in Worthington, Minnesota. The group was smaller but still engaged in the conversation. Prior to the author talk, reporter and manager Kelly Reeves of WGTN-TV3 interviewed me. We talked about the book and, more importantly, about the role that strong women play in our lives. Kelly and I are definitely on the same page.

And the best thing about speaking events? It’s listening. Listening to what readers have to say about the book. Hearing their questions about history and their “what if” conjectures about my book’s characters.

My thanks again to the South Dakota Agricultural Heritage Museum and the Nobles County Public Library for inviting me to have a conversation with readers. It was fun.