Will ChatGPT upend human creativity?

In preparation for this post, I asked ChatGPT to write the blog. Unfortunately, the new artificial intelligence platform (is it a platform, a software or just a fad?) is maxed out. I received this message:

ChatGPT is at capacity right now

And then it proceeded to write a sonnet about its status. Here’s the first stanza:
Amidst the rush of curious minds,
The chatbot ChatGPT stands strong and true,
Withstanding the influx of requests,
Working hard to fulfill each one’s due.

Author’s note: I’ve always found sonnets to be long and pretentious.

Wikipedia says: ChatGPT can write and debug computer programs, compose music, teleplays, fairy tales, and student essays; answer test questions, write poetry and song lyrics…

Fast Company writes that ChatGPT, with an IQ of 83, is poised to take over menial tasks: Many workers are drowned in menial, repetitive tasks, often carried out on autopilot and without much critical thinking.

The same article goes on: But ChatGPT can’t replace human ideas. That’s the key. Artificial intelligence programs are tools.

The creative world is abuzz right now with debate as to whether AI will replace human creativity. My answer: Not if we’re smart about it. To quote one of my favorite sci-fi movies, Blade Runner: Do androids dream of electric sheep? And that iconic line came from the title of the science fiction novel by Phillip Dick.

I don’t think a chatbot could concept that…or could it?