Book marketing strategies

There’s more to book publishing than simply writing a book. That’s just the beginning. The next step is book marketing.

In the past, agents and publishing houses managed book marketing for authors. Today, self-published authors are responsible for their own marketing, but even major publishers ask authors to be more involved in marketing their books these days.

As a self-published author, I applied marketing strategies from my career in advertising. For years I developed marketing and promotion strategies for clients. Now, I am wearing two hats: the strategist and the client/author.

I started promoting and advertising Proving Her Claim when it launched in October. But even before the book launch, I launched an author website — with the help of a great digital team at Insight. As I’ve always told clients, a good website is the foundation for a marketing plan. Next:
• Content on the website — like the blogs I write
• Public relations, including press releases, news interviews & podcast interviews
• Events, such as book fairs, author talks, signings, and book club appearances
• Social media content, posts, and ads
• Digital marketing, including ads on Amazon
• Email marketing
• Reader and professional reviews

But I’m continuing to learn new ways to promote my book. There are new channels to learn.

BookTok, anyone?