The SD Humanities Council Speakers Bureau

South Dakota Humanities Council Speakers Bureau

I’m proud to announce that I am part of the 2024 South Dakota Humanities Council‘s Speakers Bureau.

The Speakers Bureau is a collection of humanities scholars who present on various topics comprising the humanities – including, but not limited to, history, culture, language, literature, philosophy, arts and sciences, and heritages. Community groups can easily host a humanities scholar through the Speakers Bureau offerings at a local event.

The scholar application process includes submitting proposed presentation topics, a description of how the presentation or presentations fit with the humanities and culture in South Dakota, an updated CV (resume), a photo, and a brief video explaining the presentation(s). And then, you wait to see if your topic or topics may be of interest.

As a published author, I thought my book would open that door, but that’s not what the Speakers Bureau is about. I learned that to use my books in a presentation, I needed to paint a bigger picture.

My presentation is entitled “Women Tamed the Frontier” and focuses on how the Homestead Act of 1862 was truly “landmark legislation.” The Homestead Act was the first legislation that allowed women to own property. In the presentation, I also provide a glimpse at the lives of actual pioneer women through their letters and interviews. 

I’m excited to be part of this SD Humanities Council program. Click here to learn more about the South Dakota Humanities Council and the Speakers Bureau. If you or your organization would like to host a program, learn more here. am