Sequel or Series? by CK Van Dam

Sequel or Series?

But I didn’t write a Sequel: a “what happened next” book with the same characters. Instead, I wrote a story with new characters: Katie and Jake. So, I’m writing a Series.

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Top Ten Books for 2023 by CK Van Dam

Top Ten Books for 2023

It’s the time of year when Top Ten Lists start popping up, so I decided to look through my GoodReads list for 2023 and see which books I rated the highest. Interestingly, my list contained a good mix of fiction and non-fiction books

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Acronyms for authors by CK Van Dam

Acronyms for authors

Every industry has jargon and acronyms. The writing and publishing industry is no different. Even after publishing two books, I still find myself Googling some of these codewords.

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South Dakota Humanities Council Speakers Bureau

The SD Humanities Council Speakers Bureau

The Speakers Bureau is the collection of humanities scholars who present on a variety of topics comprising the humanities – including, but not limited to, history, culture, language, literature, philosophy, arts and sciences, and heritages.

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First Book Talk for Lone Tree Claim by CK Van Dam

First Book Talk for Lone Tree Claim

During the talk, I introduced the new characters and briefly summarized the plot. Then, I read an excerpt from the book that encapsulates Katie’s and Jake’s personalities and relationships.

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From Sheep to Shawl by CK Van Dam

Sheep to Shawl

In a processing center on a farm near Groton, SD,. Kelly Knispel owns and operates a wool processing business that provides “sheep to shawl” services for shepherds and fiber artists.

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A story of women's friendships by CK Van Dam

A story of women’s friendships

A key storyline in Lone Tree Claim is the women’s friendships on the frontier. Throughout the book, there’s a recurring theme about the importance of women’s friendships.

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